Silence and Stereotypes: The Misrepresentation of the Black Community in the Irish Media 

I recently emailed a very well known and successful Irish casting website to cancel my subscription. I was told that I was not allowed to do so. They stated that the membership is an annual price paid monthly, I have to wait for the year to end to stop making payments. The response I received was fully equipped with picture proof that I signed up for the year. The reason I wanted to cancel my membership however, had nothing to do with money and it had everything to do with the redundancy of such a service for someone like me. 

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Western Jihad: Islam for Dummies


I didn’t leave my house today. I woke up to the news – my day was a write off. My heart breaks for Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan.. It broke for Paris on the 13th of November 2015, and it broke for Brussels today. My heart breaks for the lost lives, those injured, their families, and the people left with fear in their hearts. But every time something like this happens, my heart sinks for all my Muslim brothers and sisters out there. I know what’s coming…

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