My spontaneous last minute adventure to Sudan. 4 days ago, we decided to take a ten week holiday to Sudan. Today, Saturday (28/05/2011) I spend my second day here. We took the plane from Manchester to Abu Dhabi and transferred then from Abu Dhabi to Sudan. 36 hours travelling time, 9 and a half hours in the air.

Now I can’t tell if I am extremely jetlagged or just tired because the electricity just cut and I sit here in a room without the fan and air conditioner. I do have a window open and because of the rain a cool breeze is hitting me as I write this.
Since arriving yesterday, I have been at my aunts house. Overwhelmed by such a loving family community. Relatives coming and going, endless tea, chats and warm Arabic meals.
Outside, it’s raining (a rare occasion) and yet extremely hot. There are local children playing football outside, in flip flops, t-shirts and shorts. There is a small white building directly in front of my aunts house that I can see from their balcony, this seems to be the local mosque – I could see everyone praying through the door whilst on the balcony,
I am yet to begin my cultural exploration as I am more distracted by family members I haven’t seen in years and I haven’t taken pictures since I left the airport. I was actually very impressed with the airport this year, everything has improved and they have even begun to sell Chanel and YSL perfumes, I didn’t get a thorough browsing but they also had boxes of Snickers and Mars bars, which didn’t surprise me as this is not a new addition from last time I was here in 2007. As expected, my foundation did not stay on my face due to the heat, I look forward to living without depending on it for the next two months.

I don’t have access to the internet yet so I write this on Windows Live Writer and hope that I don’t have to wait until September to upload this. I miss everyone back home and I wont get used to living without my daily chats with certain wonderful people but I’ll update here as much as possible so as not to forget my English…herherherh

You can check out some of my pictures of Sudan here –

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