Forgive and Forget

I once had the absolute pleasure of sharing the company of two beautiful young women for a night of some of the most meaningful conversation that I have ever had in my life. though I had only grown close to these girls over a few days, I found myself crouched in the hallway sitting with these two girls for hours discussing many things including people, their nature and their hardships.
I felt so humbled – honoured, that these girls opened up to me and spoke of their own hardships despite the fact that I did not have the bravery to share mine, even though they could not compare to them.the thing that humbled me about these girls and the things that they have overcome is that they were worried that they could not forgive certain people in their lives.

The Messenger of Allah (sallaAllahu ‘alayhi wasallam) was sitting with a group of the sahabah (RAA) in the masjid and he said “A man will now enter [who is] from the people of Paradise.” and a Sahabi (companion of Muhammad (saw) ) walked in. Later it happened again, and then a third time. ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Amr ibn al-‘aas (RAA) wanted to find out what was so special about this man, so he asked the man if he can stay over his house for 3 days. (He made up an excuse). The man allowed him to stay. ‘Abdullah noticed that the man didn’t do anything out of the ordinary: He didn’t fast all the time, he slept some of the night and prayed some of the night, and so on. So after the 3 days, ‘Abdullah told him the real reason why he requested to stay with him, and he asked him what it was that could be the reason why he was from the people of Jannah. The man (RA) couldn’t think of anything, but after a bit he said: “Every night, before I go to sleep, I forgive whoever has wronged me. I remove any bad feelings towards anyone from my heart.” – See more at:
Some people see the ability to forgive easily as a weakness or in a way it’s condoning what has originally upset you. in reality, forgiveness is something that requires a great deal of strength and from the above story we can see that it’s a way of cleansing your own heart and taking the weight off your shoulders for why should they be so heavy when it was another persons evil dead?It seemed to me that my two friends were not far from unburdening their own shoulders from this pain, a trait that made them such good people.
Being away for so long has given me a lot of time to reflect on the people back in Ireland. The good, the bad, the forgiving and the unforgiving. I think of this lesson in many situations in life. From reading foul youtube comments that hijabi fashionista’s or Fouseytube receive on youtube (This guy said it best), nasty instagram comments or even the bigger, more hurtful things in life. I hope that we can all have friends that teach us such great lessons wherever we go in life.

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