Tech-Junkie: Bloglovin’ App

Being the huge tech junkie that I am, I am forever looking for fun new apps on my phone to waste my life away.
Today I bring to you, Bloglovin‘ (available on both iPhone and Android). This app is for any avid blogger or blog reader. It’s a little like a Pinterest account for your favourite blogs.

If you’re a blogger, I’d get on as soon as possible and register your blog to the list before downloading the app from your app store. Bloglovin’ allows people to follow as well as be followed without a WordPress or Google+ account.
It’s ridiculously handy to have all your blogs in one place, easy to read and it helps you keep track of all new posts you haven’t read from all your favourite site. An easy to use website is one thing but when it comes with an app this good, you can bet that I’ll be jumping on the band wagon! The layout is fantastic and there’s blogs to suit all tastes registered.

Check out the screenshots below taken from my Android phone.

Search for your favourite blog or look through the top blogs under your category of interest.
Once you find a blog that appeals to you, you can follow it and all the latest posts appear for you to read. A Beautiful Mess is a gem by the way, check it out!
Keep track of all your favourite blogs. Oh look, Saharcasm
It keeps you  posted about what posts you’ve read/yet to read  (without the annoying emails)
All posts are easy to read with the bloglovin’ layout or you can view them on your internet browser. You can share any posts from the bloglovin’ app as you would on your phones browser. Very impressive layout.
You can now follow Saharcasm on Bloglovin’ here: Follow on Bloglovin
Now I’m off to charge my phone and find a place with better Network Coverage – I know you were thinking it!

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