Saudi Arabia – The Positives

It has been 57 days since I left Ireland for Saudi Arabia (again). After the previous post culture shock post (click here to read that), it is time to look at the positive things about Saudi Arabia. What has Saudi Arabia got to offer? Well…

Do you know when your friend asks you to describe a particular person to them and you have to pause and think for a moment. You don’t want to say anything nasty because you’re mad sound. So, you say “well she’s…” – cue questionably long pause while searching for the right words – and you end up with “…nice?”. Or maybe they ask “Is she/he good looking?” and you think “Well… s/he’s got a great personality”. Well folks, Saudi, she’s got a… great personality. Just great. She’s really ehm… nice? Well, you wouldn’t kick her out of bed but you certainly wouldn’t invite her in..

Let’s look at some of the advantages, shall we?
FOOD. There is a large number of Muslims in Ireland. Let’s take a moment to think about those people, ma people. We follow a completely halal diet and this often means we can only order vegetarian food when eating outside of our homes. This is all well and good for all the vegetarians and vegans (rreeespect) out there but not so appealing to a bunch of people who can easily have three types of meat in one meat. I meat meal, I mean mean. Three types of meat in one meal. Meat.

Saudi Arabia is a completely halal country so you can imagine that all the restaurants and fast food places (not to mention the Haribo picnmix stands) have been a highlight to my stay here. I had my first Big Mac in Abu Dhabi airport earlier this year. (It was February 14th and it was the best Valentine I’ve ever had). Granted, I recently had a McDonalds burger that was buttered. THE BURGER BUN WAS BUTTERED. However it is obviously great to have the luxury of eating what I want, a luxury that many people take for granted. I’ve got my eye on a delicious looking steakhouse but I’ll dedicate a post to Food in Saudi at a later date, yknow… If you want me to, whatever… Also, Cinnabon.

Mindin ya business. The abayah is a great thing. It really cuts down the amount of judgemental stares you get, the head to toe stares and the shameless pervy glares. You can see previous post here for more details but I love that random people in the street don’t get to judge each other by what they’re wearing. However that means the “Make up stories for people you see in the street” game becomes a little bit harder, everyone’s going to ninja school…
Driving. You can finally drive on the right side of the road. And I don’t just mean right the direction, I mean right as in correct cos all y’all driving on the left back in Ireland are doing it wrong. You just are. No explanation included. I often wonder that if they decided to change to the right in Ireland would it get really confusing with people forgetting and loads of crashes would happen in the first month or so and maybe even like yesrs later cos someone forgot along the way? But sure isn’t that irrelevant. So yeah, driving on the right side… if you are a man, because women can not drive here because it might damage our precious ovaries and we will cause many crashes and lots of fitnah…obviously.
None of this craic though…
Mystery and Allure. I can be mysterious and alluring all the time. Is she smiling is she not smiling. Damn she’s so mysterious.

omg so mysterious, i just wanna know
Socialising. Socialising means socialising here. There’s a huge drink culture in Ireland (don’t deny it) and alcohol often accompanies every event. It was during Ramadan at 3am when my parents allowed my youngest sister to accompany me to the shop. I realised my parents would never give me their smallest child at 3am in Ireland as that was a really drunken hour. The most important thing in a social gathering is not alcohol but people and food. As is always the Arab/Muslim way but it’s nice to have it all around. Especially, if you actually have friends.
Arab money. Many people come here for the money. Well if it’s not for the religion, it’s definitely for the money. For one, it’s completely tax free (This doesnt explain why my MAC Foundstion was more expensive here but I’ll look into that). Cost of living is pretty cheap. Fuel prices are crazy cheap and you can easily save a big chunk of your salary if you try. Y’know… If you had a job…


Travel. Bahrain is just a big boat away. I haven’t escaped to any of the nearby countries but I definitely intend to. Maybe escaped is the wrong word to use? (No, It’s definitely not).
It prepare’s you for anything. Like I mentioned before you have to be very thick skinned to enjoy it here. But if you come out alive then you can probably survive anything. You always have to be ready to defend yourself, speak out to the little lemon faced lady who skipped you in the queue or irritate the guys in the ministry of labour until you get the documents you need. Working on getting what you want. It’s a great skill to learn.
…and that’s just the half of it. More positive points to follow. Onwards and upwards from here!Twitter


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