Ireland: Destiny’s Child Can Save You

filepicker-h8fPnh3Ske57taoYh8nQ_destinys_child_.jpgThe bank holiday is over, so naturally I’m spending my day refusing to leave the house. I’m currently sitting on the floor with a jar of Nutella, a knife (for spreadin’), a few things I could spread Nutella on, and a few things that I shouldn’t (but I will (what are your thoughts on my use of the Oxford comma there? Ooh I’m bad)). This is the creative process. Just let it happen y’all.

I’m currently delving into the life of Beyonce (how do I do one of them fada things on a Macbook?) in an attempt to like, yknow, become her? My research has taken me into her Destiny’s child stage (hella important, I know) and I’ve realised that there’s a lot that we can learn from Beyoncé (thurr we go), Kelly, and whatsherface. These lessons are very important for the 21st Century woman, especially, the 21st Century Irish woman. Here are my findings:

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Ireland: What are you at?

Right, how’s it going? Howayiz! Long time no see! How’s life? Great, deadly, yea…

So, I’m back in Ireland for the next few weeks – in case you haven’t heard I’ve just spending fifteen months in Saudi Arabia. Although I honestly never expected to never see this country again, I really didn’t expect that I would be hit with any kind of culture shock when I came back. So listen now, Ireland, I have a few questions for you. This is the kind of post where I’d really appreciate some replies from a wide audience, so don’t be shy. yea k.
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