Events & Adventures: Go Quest

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Last week, an Irish Bloggers group I’m involved in was invited to try out a new Indoor Challenge Zone in Finglas called Go Quest. Did we enjoy it? Well…

Yes, Yes, YES! Of course we did! “Challenge Zone!?” You say? A series of physical and mental challenges only revealed to you as you enter the respective rooms. It was a real adrenaline rush and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for something a little bit different. Some challenges were a little bit more difficult than others and some had me clapping like a seal and laughing like hyaena – a sight for sore eyes.  I highly recommend The Living Room as that was my favourite challenge. Here’s a little more information about it…

We were all divided into groups of 4 or 5 and were allowed to run around the adventure centre to play whatever challenge we wanted. The Challenge Zone was divided into “themes” and each door had a name and a point score. That’s all we knew before agreeing to the challenges, which makes things a little bit more exciting! I have to admit I won’t be posting too many photos here because that kind of takes away the mystery behind the rooms but here’s a sneak peak!



The winning team?  *drumroll* TEAM BEYOND! 

That’s us, smug af :). Photo credit goes to the girls at Girls With Game – @GWG2015

After GoQuest we went to an Italian Restaurant – Rose Madre – in Temple Bar where the food was so good, I felt ashamed to only be wearing my best Adventure quest attire.

My next Event will be the reopening of Énergie Ballsbridge where they will unveil their brand spanking new gym fully equipped with sauna and jacuzzi area. Can’t wait!

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