LifeHack: Have you heard of Ghost Codes?


Let me be frank, if you’re a blogger/vlogger and you haven’t heard of Ghost Codes… you’re missing out. BIG TIME.

Ghost Codes is the 21st Century phone book. Yup, that’s all your social media platforms in one place.


This is may account just 5 minutes after setting it up – and the numbers are still going up!  Already getting love.

How does it work?

It’s very straight forward. First, of course, you sign up with your email address and add all your social media usernames. As you can see in the picture, all the icons for the sites you want to share will appear below and people can add you at the touch of a button. The download button under my snapchat code let’s you download the snapcode so you can use the “add by snapcode” option on snapchat. The heart below my snapchat code, ‘kudos’, let’s you share the love. Absolute legend and social media expert Frank Salas has chaired a blab about how you can use Ghost Codes to grow your social media footprint.

How can you use it to your benefit?

People are categorised with titles such as Vlogger, Entrepreneur, Travel, Business, Beauty and much more, so if you’re looking for some like-minded people to add on snapchat – it’s very easy to find them.This means it’ll be very easy for people who are interested to find you! Download the snap codes and snapchat does the rest! People can find you by name instead of trying to remember your domain – isn’t that right… The greatest thing about this app is the option to add your interests. You can add your own – ‘Balancing pencils on my nose‘ or you can join some already formed groups ‘bloggers’, ‘beauty bloggers’, ‘hurling’, or whatever it is that dominates your social media.

Why jump on now?

Ghost Code is a very new app. In just a few days, the android app will go live (It’s currently only available on IOS) and a few days later this app will go viral. Everyone will know about it! What does that mean? Dilution! More competition!

Let’s for a second imagine that you’re a blogger, or more specifically a beauty blogger. Let’s look at the interests on the app.

There’s only 116 people who have listed blogger as an interest, and only 28 who have listed beauty blogger as an interest. Now, let’s take a look at the people in these groups!

I follow a lot of these people and they are great but let’s look at how many ‘likes’ (On Ghost Codes they’re called “kudos“) they have. The top beauty blogger has 909, the top blogger has 2.9k. The app puts people in order of how many kudos they get, so the people on top end up looking like they are the best bloggers/beauty bloggers out there. The person on top of the list only has just under 3,000 hearts! Realistically, for a top blogger, that’s not that much right? Imagine how much this will be when the app becomes more popular? Like I said, it’s only been available to the public for a few days!

Anybody who joins the app before the 15th of May (correct me if I’m wrong on dates) will receive an “original ghosted” banner. A great way to make you look a little bit more like an expert in your field.

What’s the best way to get ahead?

Download this app right NOW and set everything up for yourself. I hope by now you’ve realised it’s a smart thing to do. If you have time to watch Frank Salas’ recorded blab (it’s an hour long), you’ll see that one of the tips in the blab is to use the less popular ‘interests’ as clubs. A supportive Ghost Crew family. Add the interest, click on the interest, give kudos (hearts) to everyone in your new club and follow those you are interested in. You must make sure to not dilute the effectiveness of your club by sharing it with people who wont engage – make it exclusive. There aren’t many Irish people on Ghost Codes yet (Ireland always seems to be a little bit behind, we are still not utilising Periscope and Blab as much as we should be – but that’s for another post). So, why not make use of Interests such as Ireland and Irish Bloggers so we can easily find and support each other? I’ve just started a club called Kudos Krew for everyone all over the world, just add it to your interests and share the love.

I must mention that I am not in anyway affiliated with this app, I just thought it would be useful for bloggers, bloggers, and social media influencers out there. Considering that in the time it took me to write that post, my phone has buzzed over 50 times with new follow requests on various accounts… I’m pretty sure it’s going to be very useful out there. Especially if you already have a big following. Happy Ghosting! x



13 thoughts on “LifeHack: Have you heard of Ghost Codes?

  1. I’ve never heard of this app, but once i’ve commented on this post i’ll be downloading it 🙂 not sure it’s going to work for me yet but great recommendation thanks


  2. WHAT ? I’m so joining this ! it’s awesome specially now that it’s small you can be found easily ! thank you so much for that I’ll add you


  3. I have never heard of it but I do think it is great to get in on the groundbreaking of any new idea that is out there. Thanks for sharing the info!


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