About Me

Well hello there,

I’m sure you have many questions for me – Who are you? Why are you doing this to us? What is this madness? What makes you think we want to know these things? How dare you?

Well, I don’t really like your tone but I will continue and answer your probably rhetoric questions.

Who are you? :Well, my name is Sahar (Sahar? Saharcastic? Saharcasm? Gettit??). I was born in the East (Middle East) twenty something years ago (early “something’s” though), raised in the West (Ireland), a stint in the East, and now I’m back in the West. While in “The West” I dabbled in TV, theatre and stand up comedy. After college, I moved to Saudi Arabia to get my TEFL’ing on. All of the above results in the strange concoction that I am today. Sahardeharhar.

Why are you doing this to us?: Partly because I felt like this kind of culture shock needs to be documented and partly because I don’t like you very much. *Suspicious squinty eyes*

What is this madness?: It’s a blog documenting the move from Westside to Eastside but with less guns and gangster signs than usual. #WeHateBlogs

What makes you think we want to know these things?: I follow Kim Kardashian on instagram. Sometimes, you just need to know.

How dare you?: You think this is bad? I’m writing a novel about how I brush my hair everyday. Plot twist: I don’t brush my hair everyday. I’ll send you a copy.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Omg hi I’m a friend of Amals her dad and my dad are rlly good friends anyways I have a blog too! I was born in Ireland (idk where😂) but my homepage had one of Amals photos and u commented and I was looking through the comments and then I went on ut profile….sounds creepy but it’s not I sware! OK anyways I just thought it was awesome how were both from Ireland and like are Sudanese and both have a blog except your way older than me and I’m like 12 but yeah😂 hope your blog goes viral and I’ll definitely stalk you more he hehe maybe you wanna see mine? It’s still private though and from what I’ve een maybe your experienced enough to tell me if I should keep writing?


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